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What Bad Credit Costs

Learn What You're Paying For Bad Credit

Having good credit is critical in today's economy. Not only does credit status control the ability to apply for credit cards, a car or home loan; it can also affect insurance rates, the ability to rent a home or even get a job.

Credit was designed to help the average consumer attain a higher standard of living. Opportunities are endless for those who have good credit. However, most people don't fall into this category and are trapped by sub-prime or just downright bad credit making it difficult, or even impossible, to get credit cards, homes, cars, insurance, jobs, etc. Use the calculator below to see how much money having a bad credit score could cost you:

How much is your bad credit costing you?

The initial investment of hiring Legacy Legal to repair your credit and improve your credit scores pales in comparison to the tens of thousands you could end up paying in interest. Let us help you get the scores and the interest rates you deserve. For about the same price of a monthly cable bill how can you afford not to take action on your credit?

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