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Can negative items be removed?

Regardless of what you may have heard, thousands of clients have had derogatory information legally removed from their credit files. Here's an interesting true story that illustrates....

Over five years ago, an attorney visited a regulatory agency for a casual conversation with two agents. Members of the agency's office, as a matter of course, believed the credit bureaus' claim that bad credit could not be deleted.

The visiting attorney asked, "How many negative listings would you have to see deleted from consumer credit reports before you would believe that bad credit can be deleted: Ten? Fifty? One hundred? One thousand?" The agents responded with blank stares.

"How about 50,000 deleted listings? Would that number convince you?" continued the attorney. He pulled a stack of papers six inches thick from his briefcase. "In these pages, we have listed the permanent deletion of over 50,000 listings from our clients' files in the last two years alone," he explained.

The state agents pulled the stack across the conference table and began to pick through the pages, obviously taking in the massive list.

"But have you deleted any bankruptcies?" shot back one of agents, "We know that bankruptcies can't be deleted." The attorney leaned across the table and ran his finger down the first page. "There's one deleted bankruptcy and, there's another and another. Should I go on?" asked the attorney.

The state agents sat back in their chairs. "You know," began the junior agent, "I have this one listing on my credit report that simply must belong to somebody else..."

Though the system of correcting credit is not easy or foolproof, you will learn for yourself that you have the right to improve your credit. Good credit can be restored, and it need not take seven years.

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