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Should I listen to what the credit bureaus say about credit repair companies?

U.S. District Court Judge, J. Wexler, entered the following legal opinion in the federal supplement, "since allowing third parties to assist consumers will likely lead to the expedited correction of credit reports, it will further the purposes of the [fair credit reporting] acts."

In order to work within the system of the credit bureau bureaucracy, the credit repair companies have invested years in learning their systems. Regardless of all of this, the credit bureaus have declared war against credit repair companies and any organization that sells do-it-yourself instructions on repairing credit. The bureaus' campaign to discredit the repair companies through the media is obvious and blatant. They even go so far as to send anti-credit repair literature to persons they believe are using credit repair services. The bureaus simply don't like credit repair agencies, or any dispute efforts for that matter, because it creates more work for them; which means more money out of their pocket.

The simple fact is that you do not have to live with bad credit for the seven to ten years it takes for negative items to be deleted by the credit bureaus. Credit worthiness can usually be restored within 3-12 months, depending upon your individual circumstances.

Whatever path you choose to address your credit issues, we can assure you that thousands of individuals like yourself have become credit worthy once again.

Legacy Legal offers our clients the most cost effective way to systematically tackle their personal credit issues. Our experienced team of professionals will tailor a program specifically designed to meet the needs of your individual set of circumstances. And at a price you can afford!

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