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Common Questions

What about those that say credit repair companies are scams?

Unfortunately, the services we offer here at Legacy, have met some opposition. So-called "experts", or consumer watchdogs (namely the Federal Trade Commission, or FTC) have no shortage of negative comments and beliefs about credit repair companies. While it is the FTC's job to advocate for and protect consumers, so much of their information is incomplete, unfair and just down right wrong.

Like any industry, there have been some credit repair companies who have engaged in fraudulent practices and have been shut down. There are also companies who continue to make false claims and, either intentionally or ignorantly, break the law. Unfortunately, companies like these give credit repair a bad name and have created unfair and biased attacks against legitimate companies, like Legacy. (Click on Credit Repair Critics to read more).

Just remember, there are frauds in every industry. You always need to be aware and educated before giving anyone your money or personal information. For some tips, click on Things to Consider When Hiring A Credit Repair Company.

As far as other sources that criticize credit repair; consider their intentions. Credit bureaus, creditors and collectors don't like the credit repair process because it takes time and money out of their pockets. They also have the money to pay lobbyists and other media sources to widely publish their position. Other sources, like consumer credit counselors are in competition with credit repair companies; making it obvious why they would launch an attack. Just be careful who you listen to and what their motivation might be.

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