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What about IRS issues?

According to federal rule, a tax lien can stay on your credit report for seven years. However, state law can supersede federal law. Some states allow the lien to be listed for only five years. Other states allow the lien to be listed permanently or until paid. Once paid, it is still considered negative and listed as a 'paid tax lien' and can remain for seven years from the date satisfied. A paid tax lien is always better than one that is unpaid.

If you have a tax lien, first consult a professional IRS mediator who will help advise you on the best way to satisfy your tax debt and may be able to negotiate a reduced amount.

Legacy can help with the negative listing on your credit report. Because liens are public records they have passed through many hands; which leaves much more room for error. The chance of your lien containing errors or items that are unverifiable is good. If there are errors or the lien cannot be verified, it must be removed.

With tax liens, there are two problems, which need to be addressed. First, you have the actual tax debt, which can be negotiated, reduced and paid. Second, you have one or more negative credit listings, which appear, on your credit report.

We advise you to solve the first problem by seeking a skilled IRS mediator in your local area. The second problem is addressed through our credit restoration program.

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