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Common Questions

Why is having good credit so important?

Having good credit is critical in today's economy. The following are just some of the aspects that are influenced by your credit score:

  • Getting a loan or credit card and at what interest rate. Lenders need to evaluate what kind of credit risk they will be taking.
  • Getting a job. Many employers base their final decision on the applicant's credit report. The status of your credit report gives the employer an idea of how dependable you are likely to be.
  • Getting an apartment. Most landlords do credit checks to see if potential tenants are financially responsible.
  • Getting auto or homeowners insurance. Insurance brokers know that statistically more claims are filed by policy holders who have poor credit. If you have poor credit, you will be charged a higher premium or denied altogether.

Even if you don't like using credit cards, you will most likely need one to:

  • Reserve a hotel room
  • Rent a car
  • Set up utilities
  • Get a cell phone account
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