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Credit Repair Critics

Biased and Unfair Criticism
No matter what the topic, there are always differing opinions to be heard. People base their opinions on their own personal experience or (more often than not) the opinions of others (founded or not).

Unfortunately, the services we offer here at Legacy, have met some opposition. So-called "experts", or consumer watchdogs (namely the FTC) have no shortage of negative comments and beliefs about credit repair companies. They blast their limited knowledge and biased opinions over the Internet, and inordinately influence the media and government. If companies, like Legacy, who specialize in credit restoration, had the kind of money that these slated information sources do, we could also hire powerful lobbyists to represent our side of the story on a mass scale. But, for now, we are just happy that we have an outlet to allow our voice, and yours, to be heard.

Combating the Critics
The top two, and probably only two - if you really think about it - reasons why people are so quick to spout their opinion:

They feel it is their job. For some, like the FTC, it actually is their job to advocate for and protect consumers. Nothing wrong with that, and we applaud their intentions. Yet, so much of their information is incomplete, unfair and just down right wrong. The FTC tends to make sweeping generalizations about companies like Legacy. Alleging that we are scamming, lying, fraudulent businesses that cannot uphold their promises and charge astronomical fees for what consumers can do on their own.

A few rotten apples...
No doubt about it, no matter the situation, there are always scumbags on the prowl waiting to take advantage of the vulnerable and unsuspecting. This tough economy proves to be no different. Predators are constantly scheming up ways to con people into handing over their hard earned money.

Are there predatory companies in the credit repair industry? Absolutely; but is it fair and accurate to label all of them as such? Of course it isn't.

Society's parent syndrome
Then there are the people who feel it is their job to espouse their opinion, whether they have had a legitimate personal experience with who, or what, they are popping off about or not; as though it is their moral obligation to create awareness or 'educate the ignorant'.

They have a personal agenda. Sadly, it is human nature to criticize rather than compliment. Because self-promotion (often mistaken for bragging) is considered arrogant, people tend to tear down their opponents (or anyone who doesn't agree with them), rather than build themselves up. Sadly, most of us have been on both the giving and receiving end of this injurious tendency.

We, at Legacy, feel that our company and other businesses that offer credit repair have been on the receiving end far too long. Please refer to Why We Do Credit Repair which explains why we do what we do and how we truly help (not hurt) consumers. The article is not intended to counter-attack, make assumptions, generalizations, or paint our critics in a bad light; it is to simply defend ourselves and present our side of the story.