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Should you hire a Credit Repair Attorney?

Should you decide that your credit could use some fixing, you could learn the process of credit repair and do it yourself, or you could hire someone to do it for you. The question is; do you go with a credit repair attorney, or a regular credit repair company? Truth be told, there isn't much of a difference. There are many credit repair services that advertise under the guise of a law firm and claim that only qualified and experienced attorneys will be working on your case. That simply is not true. There may be one or two attorneys who are affiliated with the company in order to give it legal clout, but they do not work on your case. These attorneys may handle consumer issues when it comes to actual litigation, but to claim that they are involved in the repair process is false and misleading information. At best, they have a team of "paralegals" who handle the credit repair issues. With the proper time and training, these "paralegals" learn the laws and credit repair process. And it is not the affiliated attorneys who do the training, it is simply other "paralegals".

When is a credit repair attorney necessary?
You may experience during your credit repair efforts that a creditor, collector, bureau, or other party involved in the reporting process is not cooperating and is in violation of the law. You may want to seek litigation. That being the case, you would certainly want legal representation. You don't need a so-called credit repair attorney to represent you. There are a number of attorneys that are well-seasoned in consumer affairs that you could consult. Another thing to remember is that the company who is doing your credit repair is most likely located in another state. If you need to seek litigation, you would need to find representation within the state where the violation took place. In that case, your credit repair attorney would be useless. Should you need legal representation, contact the National Association of Consumer Advocates at www.naca.net or (202)332-2500.

The only other possible issue where you would want legal prowess is if and when it becomes necessary to send what's called a creditor direct letter. This is a letter sent to a creditor who is not following legal procedures. It is basically a legal warning that if they do not comply, they will be taken to court. It is most effective to have an attorney send this letter.

This is where Legacy Legal comes in. No we do not claim to be credit repair attorneys, but we do have an associate attorney who we work with and who is an expert in consumer law. Our team of client advocates has a thorough knowledge of the credit repair process and the laws that protect your rights. They will efficiently, professionally, and legally take care of your credit repair issues for you. And should we need to take things a step beyond normal protocol, our associate attorney is here to provide his services.

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