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How to Fix Your Credit Score.

In today's economy it is critical for consumers to take a serious look at their credit score. If your credit score is above 720, you are in great shape and will qualify for the best rates. Any score lower than 700 will compromise your ability to qualify for good interest rates, if you can even qualify at all. People with scores under 500 will likely pay more than double the amount of interest on a loan than people with 700+.

For instance, if you were to apply for a mortgage or car loan the interest could be as low as 5% for someone with an excellent score. That same loan could carry a 12% interest for someone with a moderate score and 17% interest for someone with a poor score. The worse your credit, the more you will be charged. Never underestimate the impact of interest rates; the difference between 5% and 17% could be thousands of dollars during the life of the loan.

If your credit score is compromising your ability to get prime rates, let us help you fix it.

Legacy Legal can fix your credit score by challenging mistakes and other derogatory items that are tarnishing your credit report. Many consumers have been the victim of identity theft. If you fall into this category we also provide services to help fix the damage that has been caused by fraudulent means and get your credit score back to where you had it, if not better.

Many of our clients have tried to fix their credit scores on their own but just ended up frustrated because they couldn't get the bureaus to cooperate. Here at Legacy Legal, our paralegals know the law and the language that the credit bureaus cannot ignore. We use time tested, legal and effective methods that have produced remarkable results.

Legacy Legal provides the best service with the most reasonable rates in the industry. We have an impeccable reputation and can be trusted with your personal information. It is also in our best interest to serve you to our finest ability. Let our friendly and experienced staff fix your credit score today and help you achieve the credit you deserve.