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The Truth About Credit Repair Law Firms

In your search for a good and reputable credit repair company, you may have come across those that advertise as a law firm. There are law firms that only focus on credit repair; there is no deception in that. Where the deception comes in, is their claim that you are "retaining an attorney" who will "handle your case personally". There is no argument; credit repair companies that are affiliated with attorneys who specialize in credit law are the better option when it comes to knowledge, interpretation of laws and expertise. However, do not be fooled into believing that these attorneys are actually the ones working on your case. It is the team of paralegals, or customer service agents, who are doing all of the work.

Think of it logically. Some credit repair law firms boast of retaining thousands of clients at any given time. If you look at their list of attorneys; could these attorneys actually personally handle the work load for thousands of clients? They can't. And why would they? Considering the rigorous education and training they have undergone, why would they do the work that a paralegal, or regular customer service agent, would do?

And what about the service or "retainer" fees? If you, or someone you know, has ever retained an attorney for other legal matters, you know that it is very costly. Why then, if you were actually retaining an attorney with a credit repair law firm, are your service fees so relatively cheap? The fees are comparable to other credit repair companies that don't claim to have attorneys personally handling your case.

These firms may also claim that their current attorneys have been on staff since the firm opened its doors for business, sometimes in excess of 15 years. This simply is not true. If you were to investigate, you would discover that different attorneys come and go; still, none of them actually performing credit repair.

In essence, these credit repair law firms are being deceptive about their services. If they are not being upfront with this issue, it may cause one to wonder what other issues they may be untruthful about.

When it comes to fixing your credit, or any other business dealing, it is always in your best interest to go with a company that is upfront and honest in all aspects.

Here at Legacy, integrity is a prime objective and a principle that we are very serious about. You can always count on us to be upfront and honest, whether it is what our clients, or staff, want to hear or not. We believe honesty is always the best policy. Let us prove it to you.