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How It Works

After you sign up as our client, either send us copies of your credit report or authorize us to order them for you. We will also need a few other documents which will be explained during the sign up process. Once we have the required items we can go to work. Here's what we'll do:

  • Complete an in depth analysis of your credit report.
  • Identify which items on your report could be most damaging.
  • Create a plan of action to increase your credit score and improve your credit history as fast as possible, by addressing what we consider to be the most damaging, items first
  • Put your credit profile through a systematic audit of the information that you have directed us to challenge.
  • Send challenge and verification request letters to the Credit Reporting Agencies.
  • Send direct demand letters sent to your creditors.
  • Challenge credit inquiries.

You will also receive on-going credit education and unlimited personal consultation with our firm. We are your information resource to assist you in your future credit decisions. You have rights and we are here to help make sure they are upheld.

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