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Tools and information to help you make the most of your credit.

There is a wealth of information available regarding credit and credit repair; some truthful, helpful and informative; some misleading, confusing and biased. It can be difficult to discern who is telling the truth and what is in your best interest. As leading experts in the credit repair industry, Legacy Legal has an arsenal of information that we are willing and eager to share with our clients to help them fight their credit battles. Knowledge is power. The information in our Credit Education center will help you learn how to take your power back.

Laws That Protect You

Due to the high volume of complaints regarding credit report errors, the government has enacted specific laws to protect the consumer and has established certain policies and procedures for bureaus and creditors to follow. Learn about the protection these laws provide you.

Comsumer Credit Laws:

Know Your Rights:

Learn How to Optimize Your Credit

Starting the credit repair process is one of the most effective things you can do to improve your credit report and score. But that is only the beginning. There are many other measures you can take to optimize your credit and overall financial well-being. The materials in this section will get you started on the road to your personal economic recovery.

Credit Information:

Video Library

A variety of videos to help you understand the basics of how credit is used, how your credit reports are created and maintained, and how your credit score is calculated.

Credit Repair Videos

Credit Topics

Here you will learn about varied credit-related topics. Read about the bad habits that are damaging your credit or the good habits that improve your credit. Read about the right and the wrong way to go about fixing your credit. You can also read about how the bureaus and FTC don't want you to use credit repair companies. Again, there are several topics that will help you gain a broader insight of the credit and credit repair industry. Start learning today!

Key Topics:

If you come acoss a term that you are not familiar with, check out our credit glossary for a better understanding.

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PDF Documents Library

PDF Library Our helpful and informative PDF documents library that covers a wide variety of subjects relating to credit. When you are done learning here, hire us to repair your credit.

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