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Common Questions

How long does credit repair take?

Your credit files are like your fingerprints, they are unique to you. No two clients are the same. Each case varies, and the credit bureaus' response to each communication varies, therefore, it would be improper for us to say how long any individual case would require.

However if the credit reports are received promptly, you should see impressive results in as little as 60-90 days. After that, progress should be steady.

The speed of your progress can be greatly affected by your participation"Particpating" indicates clients who forward updated credit reports to Legacy at least once every three months. , the nature of your case, and the level of credit bureau cooperation.

Sending your reports promptly to our office while we are handling your case is a necessary step in the process of restoring your good credit.

We are so confident in what we do at Legacy Legal that we have a performance warranty for your piece of mind.

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