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Common Questions

Can credit repair companies guarantee the removal of negative items?

Unfortunately not. Whereas Legacy has an excellent track record and has had tremendous success in getting most negative items removed, we don't guarantee deletions because we know that the decision ultimately rests with the bureaus, who can be inconsistent and unpredictable. There are those cases where we have exhausted all of our resources and the client must seek litigation.

Be wary of credit repair companies that advertise anything like "Money-back guarantee", "100% guaranteed results" or, in one extreme, "one hundred percent of your credit report cleared within 30 days"!!! These companies are either lying or are ignorant (you want neither working on your case). Unfortunately, there are credit repair companies that do prey on those who truly wish nothing more but to restore their good credit. To those individuals we say, be careful. If it sounds "to good to be true" it probably is.

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