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Common Questions

Why doesn't Legacy accept faxed credit reports?

While faxing can be a faster way of getting your credit reports to us, it is also much less reliable than mailing them to our office. Fax machines can vary greatly in quality. As such, facsimiles are often illegible due to smears, smudges or other flaws. This makes it difficult or impossible to read the small typeface commonly found on credit reports, and thus delays the process unnecessarily.

To avoid these problems, we have adopted a policy which requires clients to mail the reports to us or provide credit reports via electronic means. These are the only ways to assure that we receive legible reports from our clients.

To expedite the service you may want to consider mailing your reports via overnight of priority mail or you might consider calling us to order current and instant copies of your credit reports. Dial 1-800-630-9349 today to order new reports. If you already have your credit reports and you are a current member of ours, just login through the client login and upload your reports there.

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